Things Sellers Should Consider Before Putting Their House Up


Real estate is always a hot topic. For people who are buying or selling their houses, there’s always plenty of advice to be given. But actually buying or selling property can be a different journey altogether. Buying can be quite an easy deal since all that one has to do there is go looking and buy the one they like. There isn’t much hassle in that process. The major troubles always lie with the one who is selling their house. They have the responsibility to decorate it and present in such a way which attracts buyers. Moreover, there are also negotiations to be done and other legal issues to be sorted out. So if you are also looking to sell your house, then there are some things to consider for it:

Make a plan

Before you even begin any sort of process related to selling, you will have to figure out what you want to do next. This means planning out the steps in advance. Think about things like- are you downsizing or upsizing, do you want to be mortgage-free and other such questions. If you want to buy a new home, you can begin the investigation after taking these questions into consideration.

The Purpose

Think about why you are selling the house? Are you thinking more long term like looking for a larger family home? Are you looking for a house or property to invest in and get a capital gain? Can you forego a shorter route to work for a better living space? There are many such questions which will define why you want to sell the house. To plan even better, try to envision your plans as part of a short term and long term plan.

Think about the future

There’s a lot to think of when buying a home and the future is a major part of it of course. When thinking about future plans, having a benchmark is important and seven years is a good time. If you have a family with kids then they will grow up by then and if you have parents then they may need to come and live with you as they grow older. So what you need to ask yourself, as if this home will still be suitable for you in seven years. Many choose to forego this step, thinking that seven years is a long time and whatever happens then will be dealt with at that time. But the fact of the matter is that years pass away in the blink of an eye and so it’s important to think of the future whenever possible.

Consider Employment

When selling a house, think about the travel costs and commute times you currently have to deal with. But also with the present also think about the future. Take an example- if you have a family then it’s better to look for a home near the office since lesser commute times means that you will be able to be home early.

As such there are a lot of factors which play a major role when it comes to selling real estate. Whether it is Auckland real estate or Chicago real estate, the things which sellers have to think about remaining the same.

Things you should know before buying a terraced house


A terraced house is not like other house type and therefore one should buy it after researching about it properly. So, here are the points that should be there in your mind before buying a terraced house.


The first thing that you should look for is the location of that house. You might not have lived in any terraced house before, but everyone one of us have this idea that the terraced house has small space in comparison to the other house types. Even the gardens are way too small. So, you should focus upon buying a house that is close to the parks, especially if you have children at home. Along with that, one should check other necessary things nearby too. This point is, however, applicable to any type of house you want to buy.


The second main thing that one should check before buying any terraced house is its construction. Both the external and internal construction should be checked. There are some of the common points that you need to check and if these points are up to the mark, then you need not worry about. The external points that you need to check in any terraced house are the signs of leakages, the gaps that are there between the door and windows, cracks in the wall, etc. When you are looking at the points inside the house, then you should look for space inside, the size and width of the staircase, hallway, storage capacity, privacy issues, and ventilation. If you are not satisfied, then you could simply leave that particular house. Also, if there is any small problem with it, then you could look for the terraced house architecture company and can ask for the solution.


Safety is a major concern when buying a new house. There are some common points that would suggest whether the place that you are going to live in, is safe or not. The best time to know whether an area is safe or not is the night time. If it is all lit up and the traffic flow is there, then it is the first point which proves the safety of the area. Along with that, you need to see whether the streets that are near the house are safe or not. The terraced houses share their walls with other houses and you need to see if this is creating any problem or not.

Space outdoors

Outdoor space may include gardens and lawns. Although, the terraced houses do not give you the liberty to have large gardens, then also you should check whether it is good and could meet up to your expectations or not. This too is an important topic to be covered.

Whenever buying a new terraced house, these are the points that you should consider in your mind and try to find them out in your house. This will help you in getting a good house at a good place and in a good locality.