PPC Account Managers Tasks and Responsibilities

There are a lot of ways to advertise locally here in New Zealand and pay-per-click is definitely one of the giants. Essentially, you use a platform such as Google AdWords, form an ad and run that campaign; in hopes of attracting people to your product. Broken down like that seems simple, doesn’t it?


Well, it’s not as easy as you might think. Putting together an Ad requires an extensive amount of research, optimization and knowledge, just to name a few. Managing a PPC account requires a PPC account manager or a Google Ads NZ agency.


Attempting to manage your own PPC ads can be a dangerous game especially if you don’t exactly know the steps you need to take. So what exactly are the tasks and responsibilities of a PPC account manager?


Tasks and Responsibilities of a PPC Account Manager

A PPC account manager is firstly responsible for setting up and running advertising campaigns, which is a big task in itself. Often we think about PPC managers running $50 ads a day but, how about the one’s running multi-million dollar ads. Stress starts to set in, well that’s one way to look at it. This list of 10 tasks of a PPC manager or Google Ads NZ agency, will give you a better understanding of what is involved not only in their day-to-day work, but also their ongoing responsibilities with the campaign.


1) Finding target Groups: the manager will Perform a deep analysis of each of your profiles, this is an important step due to the fact that this will kick everything off. One of the key roles is to find out the target group by research. This is one of the few ways to ensure success in your campaign. These are the little tasks that someone with extensive knowledge thinks about when it comes to advertising, so think about how vital their role really is.


2) Developing Copies: The copy of Ads is one of the most important aspects. Undoubtedly, the structure of a copy must be properly developed and an expert account manager will know how to ensure that they really fulfill their functions. Which will be to attract the customer’s attention and motivate them to click.


3) Image management: The images of your ads must be optimized and have specific dimensions, so that people can see the ads correctly. In addition, they must be professionals in a way that attracts the attention of customers. Visual images can make or break a campaign; paying close attention to these details is primal.


4) Web Analytics: Within a campaign, measuring testing and analyzing each keyword is highly important. On the other hand testing and analyzing images and copy ad is also very crucial. A PPC manager has to flawlessly assess all this.


5) Use the right keywords for each ad: The search for the keywords of an ad is a complex and often confusing process that requires knowledge and experience for it to be effective. Not only is it about searching for 2 or 3 keywords for the entire campaign, but each ad also requires a deep search of keywords, tests, analysis and in general, knowing what keywords are going to be effective for each ad.


6) Increase conversion rate through PPC ads: Pay-per-click advertising is a preferred method to increase your conversion rate, although it is clearly not as cheap as using other traditional organic means and SEO processes. Pay-per-click campaigns should be studied very carefully to ensure that the clicks sending people to your site will result in sales and not just stale traffic. PPC managers have to focus on these careful details in order to have a successful campaign.


7) PPC managers find and test different advertising tools and platforms for the ability to reduce the cost.


8)Together with the sales department, they create a traffic funnel and determine priority areas in product advertisement.


9) PPC managers have to adapt campaigns to specific systems which may include; banner networks, Google Adwords, social networks and other platforms.


10) Lastly, the PPC manager has to monitor the campaigns, monitor performance metrics and make changes that may apply to the campaign.


Mastering PPC requires special skills in marketing tools, market understanding and business development strategies. If you have all these skills that’s amazing but, for most people they need a PPC account manager or a Google Ads NZ agency to be successful.