The Best Way to Tackle Hair Loss in Females

The problem of loss of hair has become more prominent at present than it was in ancient times due to the increase in environmental pollution. Female hair loss has become more common. Earlier, the loss of hair was more prominent in men. Females have started coming out of their rooms. Women have started facing the exertion, anxiety and dusty roads. They need to show more concern towards their hair fall as hairs also enhance their beauty in addition to helping in the body metabolisms.


For females, kissing more than a hundred strands of hair a day should be considered a threat to the full hair loss one day. There are several remedies that one could try. There are many preventive measures that one can apply. All the remedies and preventions are not equally useful for every individual. Let us look at the few important preventive measures that can reduce hair loss in women.


  • Hairstyles to avoid


You should refrain from having such a hairstyle that puts force on the hairline. Cornrows, Braids and tight ponytails should be avoided. The hairline can become weak due to the stress caused by these hairstyles and thus result in the thinning of the hair.


  • Avoid tools that use high heats


The bonds in the hair can break leading to the brittleness of the hair. Brittle hairs easily break down. One should avoid the use of high heat in dressing the hair.


  • Healthy diets 


Vitmain and minerals found in foods such as lean meat, fish, nuts and leafy vegetables are very helpful in keeping the hairs strong. Hair needs Vitamin B12, iron and zinc for their growth and replenishment.


  • Oiling and hair massage


Oiling should be an important part of one’s routine. It helps to keep the scalp healthy and lubricated. Increases blood circulation in the brain that helps in restoring the weariness of follicle tissues.

Prevention is far better than medication. But, what if one fails to prevent her hair loss due to certain unknown reasons? Various treatment schemes help in tackling hair loss in women. The best way to do this is by medication.


  • Minoxidil 


This is made for treating blood pressure, it can help grow hails if applied directly on the scalp for at least six months. It cannot bring back all the hair.


  • Anti Androgens 


This is the drug is prescribed along with contraceptive pills. Anti Androgens contains testosterone that can accelerate hair growth in women. The precaution is to not become pregnant to avoid genital abnormalities.


  • Iron supplements


Presence of iron in the body, even due to heavy menstrual flow in women, can cause hair loss. Thus, taking iron supplements is helpful to them.


There are several ways of preventing and several methods of treatment, but the best way to tackle hair loss in females can be the combination of all the preventive and medication methods. The role diets, as well as the role of supplements, are as useful as the role of not using heat on hair and using anti-androgens upon the hair. One should look after all possible ways to avoid damage to the hair. Need to medicate should not arise.